The first season of Pinky Malinky will premiere in 2018 on Nickelodeon. The show was announced at Nickelodeon Upfront on April 17, 2016.[2] The premiere will be Early 2018, after it's slight delay.


Main Cast

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Main article: Episode Guide
# Title Airdate Prod. Code
1 1a Song January 16, 2018 101A
2 1b Inteligent Pinky 101B
3 2a Dodge 2018 102A
4 2b Pinky's Haircut 102B
5 3a Maybe Baby 2018 103A
6 3b Fabulous Pinky 103B
7 4a

Bull Bill

2018 104A
8 4b Mascot 104B
9 5a Rapping Malinky 2018 105a
10 5b Fishing with Friends 105b
11 6a ROBO Pinky 2018 106a
12 6b TBA 106b
13 7a TBA 2018 107a
14 7b TBA 107b


Pinky Malinky Episodes


Season 1


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